Sunday, September 8, 2013

Final Applied Lab Project Answers

Designing an experiment

It has taken a while, but you are at last at the end.  If you have used any of UoP Online Homework's labs from before, you know how easy they are to download and more importantly, the excellent grade you are getting.

This last lab is a bit more intense than the rest, but no fear, we got you covered with every aspect of the lab from beginning to end.  Enough chatter; here is what you will get in this particular lab report.
First off, this is a very intensive lab.  You are expected to test acids on enzymatic activity.  According to the lab instructions, you will have to do a bit of intense reading before even starting the lab and have Lab 4 handy for the same reason.
The entire lab centers around answering questions and testing a hypothesis.  You will also identify the enzyme and acid.  Frankly, if you have already gotten labs from UoP Online Homework already, you may as well get this lab too.

The materials themselves are enough reason to get this lab.  Consider the following materials you will need just to complete the lab:
  • yeast (from Lab 4)
  • sample of fresh meat, about 1 cm cubed in size (unprocessed and uncooked, e.g., liver, steak, fish, or poultry—particularly organs)
  • sample of fresh vegetable, about 1 cm cubed in size (e.g., potatoes or other root vegetables)
The amount of time you will need to go to the store, find and purchase these things (Really, who keeps liver in the house?) plus the gas and hassle of shopping is more than enough reason for the purchase.

Finally, you will need references.  These are a pain.  UoP Online Homework has it all done for you in painstaking detail.  You will be able to go about your life and classes.  We got it covered for you.


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